Girls Get Ready а psychological game for women


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A psychological game for women

60 cards with questions and blitz, developed by a psychologist

Girls get ready is a conversational game created in collaboration between Players Get Ready and Katsurina. It is for girlfriends, sisters, a mother and daughter, for colleagues or a company of women who do not know each other. It is a tool for support, exchange of forces and experience, about femininity and self-reliance.

58 cards with questions

Cards for learning are an opportunity to express your beliefs and be heard in a safe circle, to learn about each other that there is not enough time for in everyday communication, and to move to a new level of closeness.

Experience cards are the fastest way to understand how many common experiences we share, to feel supported in this, and to understand what a great source of strength it is to be among those who understand us.

Cards about memories and dreams, to look back at childhood, at vivid events, and to remember people who influenced us as women. And in the end, to understand what dreams fill us

2 blitz cards Cards to distract yourself a little, gossip and laugh. We have prepared associations for which you need to find a photo of the person who comes to mind first on your phone and show it to each other

1 special card

Reminder car

rules of the game

  1. Sit opposite each other.
  2. Place the question cards face-down.
  3. Choose who will read the card first. The first person reads the card and chooses the one who will answer it. The girl who answered the question reads the next one and chooses to whom it is addressed. And so in turn.
  4. Allow each other to express themselves, reason and communicate.
  5. If you have a desire to also give an answer to a question addressed to another, do it!
  6. During the game, you can turn to blitz cards when you feel the need to distract yourself. Your task is to find a photo of the first person that comes to mind on your phone and show it to each other.
  7. Answer sincerely.

This game is an opportunity to explore the experience of womanhood. Support each other, inspire, share your pain, find support for your creativity, sensitivity, professionalism, romance, excitement and just be yourself.

What does this game provide?

We will explore our experiences as women

We will share our values

We will be nostalgic, gossip and laugh

We will find ourselves in a space where we are understood

We will sincerely share what is important to us

Maybe we will form a sisterhood


The game is in Ukrainian