L+F Memory Silver Heart



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The (L+F) Love and Faith is a Memory Silver Heart Dedicated to Mother's Day.

We cherish the love and faith that a mother's heart gives.

Love and faith enable us to see the beauty within ourselves and others.

Love and faith are agents of forgiveness. They teach us to let go of past hurts.

Love and faith are sources of hope, inspiring us to believe in a better tomorrow.



pendant - brass covered with 925 silver

adjusting ball - silver 925

lace - 100% suede


Features of the product:

⁃ Weight of the pendant: 18 g

⁃ The size of the pendant: 4cm x 4cm

⁃ Cord length: 140 сm

⁃ Unisex

⁃ Handmade

⁃ Imitation of a dent on the surface of the pendant

⁃ The pendant provides a mechanism with the possibility of opening

⁃ The pendant has an internal frame for fixing the photo inside.

⁃ The length of the lace is adjustable with the help of a ball

⁃ Comes with packaging (branded box) and polishing cloth 


IMPORTANT! Sale of pendant under pre-order. Order fulfillment time - 14 days. 


Hit or fall can cause the damage of the productavoid contact with water or any humidity

Avoid direct contact with sun and heat.

Store it carefully separately from the other jewels inside a pouch, in a box after wiping it with soft duster cloth.

Made in Ukraine 

* The tint of the product may differ from the real one